The Future of Health

Helping people lead healthier & happier lives

Startup Co-Creation & Investing in Health

Highline BETA is partnering with Cossette Health to bring startup innovation to the health industry. Cossette Health is the fully integrated healthcare practice within Cossette, a leading marketing communication agency in Canada with international reach.

Nothing matters more to people than their health, and the health of their loved ones. Our health and well-being are at the core of some of the most important decisions we make in our lives.

We see incredible opportunity across the health industry--ultimately focusing on delivering high-quality, consistent experiences for consumers and patients. And health tech spans across many verticals and broadens into most aspects of our lives, including nutrition & food, fitness, mental health, happiness, finances, parenting and more.

Our goal is co-create and actively invest in digital health startups, leveraging our partnership with Cossette Health to provide our portfolio with unique capabilities, knowledge and incredible access to large health companies. Health is an area that we have experience in as investors (through Highline VC and as angels). We've invested in and continue to support a number of startups in the space, including Meta, Circle Medical, Akira, HumanAPI and CareGuide.

If you're a founder, potential founder or startup that's excited about healthcare, please connect with us.

Our Partnership with Cossette Health

Cossette Health is a healthcare practice within Cossette, one of Canada's top marketing and communications agencies. Cossette Health provides integrated communication and digital services to the health industry, while also collaborating on and working with new ventures. Cossette Health has domain expertise in healthcare, strategic know-how, and product development capabilities.

“A lot of our clients are looking for creative ways to tap into the healthcare startup ecosystem to grow their innovation agenda,” commented Joe Dee, managing director of Cossette Health. “This new model is a way for them to actually co-create new entities—to go after meaningful opportunities to evolve their business and stay ahead of the curve and competition.”

Together with Cossette Health, Highline BETA will work with leading health companies to co-create and invest in transforming healthcare.