Startup co-creation is the answer to how big companies can successfully innovate.


We work with corporate partners and their intrapreneurs to identify key areas of interest. We dig deep to discover disruptive opportunities for further exploration.


We recruit and support top-tier founders to build MVPs and get early customer traction. Founders and corporate partners work closely together and benefit from each other.


We invest in founders working on co-created startups, alongside other pre-seed startups tackling opportunities in key areas of interest to us & our corporate partners.

Corporate Partners + Top-tier Founders + Pre-seed Funding = Better Startups

Founding partners

Marcus Daniels and Ben Yoskovitz are recognized startup and pre-seed investing leaders, with deep experience working with corporate customers.

Marcus Daniels

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur, pre-seed investor & Corp Innovation architect. Co-Founder/CEO @; MD @ Extreme Startups; COO @ TrendHunter.
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Ben Yoskovitz

Ben is an experienced founder, investor and product manager. VP Product at VarageSale and GoInstant (acq. $CRM); Co-Founder/CEO @ StandoutJobs; Co-author @ Lean Analytics.
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Our Startup, Investing and Enterprise Experience

We have 20 years experience in digital technology. We’ve been founders and investors. We’ve run product for successful startups and managed accelerator programs. It’s this combined experience, along with our history of working with large enterprises that brings us to this point, where we put everything together (startup DNA + investment experience + startup mentorship + product building + enterprise know-how) to launch Highline BETA.


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Enterprise Innovation

“BDC Capital has been a partner with Highline since inception. We’re excited by the potential offered by their new model of startup acceleration.”
Mike Mahon
Mike Mahon

Interim Vice President

Strategic Initiatives &

Partnerships, BDC Capital

“Highline BETA is solving large companies’ #1 problem--how to successfully disrupt themselves and continue winning.”
Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche

CEO of Trend Hunter

New York Times Bestselling Author

& Innovation Expert

Highline BETA Acquires Female Funders

Highline BETA acquires Female Funders

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Female Funders this morning, in a continued effort to empower and support new and experienced female investors and entrepreneurs.

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Highline BETA Invests in MedStack

Highline BETA invests in MedStack: the Platform for App-Enabled Healthcare Innovation

Highline BETA is excited to announce an investment in MedStack, the Platform for App-Enabled Healthcare Innovation.

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Highline BETA + Cossette Health

Highline BETA Partners with Cossette Health to Launch New Ventures in Healthcare

Highline BETA is partnering with Cossette Health, the healthcare division at Cossette, Canada's largest MarCom and digital agency.

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Highline BETA + AngelList

Highline BETA Launches One of the First AngelList Syndicates in Canada

AngelList is now in Canada, and Highline BETA is one of the first organizations to launch a syndicate on the platform for funding startups.

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